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The less you pay in commission cuts to your brokerage, the more money you take home. As an agent, the greater the array of tools and services you have, the more you stand to increase your earnings. At our brokerage, we go above and beyond by offering exclusive services that set us apart from the competition. What makes it even better is that our agents enjoy a lower commission cut compared to others in the industry. Imagine receiving premium services and paying less – it's not a dream, it's the reality we've created at our brokerage. Welcome to a brokerage that turns your dreams into financial success.

  • Your Networks $100,000
  • Our Leads$70,000
  • Your Totals$170,000
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Leads & CRM

Are you geared up to take your real estate career to the next level? Here at Grayly Realty Inc, we get that thriving in the tough real estate market is all about managing leads effectively. That's why we've crafted an advanced CRM system that equips our agents to effortlessly handle and convert leads into active sellers and buyers, giving your business the boost it needs like never before. Ready for a game-changer?

Smart Business Card & Open House sign

At Grayly Realty Inc, we're not just transforming real estate; we're redefining how connections are made in the business world. Welcome to the forefront of innovation with our cutting-edge NFC business card – a seamless blend of technology and networking prowess.

3D Real Estate Magazine

We are thrilled to present a revolutionary tool designed to elevate your real estate marketing game and help you stand out in a competitive market – introducing the 3D Real Estate Magazine!

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Investment Fee

Let's replace the word "fee" with "investment fee" in Grayly. Grayly is designed to offer the best service to both agents and clients. If we earn, we are committed to serving you. In addition to providing free training and support, we are dedicated to investing our earnings to assist you in better serving the community and connecting with more clients, ensuring top-notch real estate services.


  • 95.2/4.8 Commission split
  • No monthly fees
  • Keep 100% of your split after capping
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  • 98/2 Commission split
  • Fixed monthly rate
  • Keep 100% of your split after capping
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About Grayly Realty Inc.

About Us

Grayly is more than just a real estate brokerage; it is a cutting-edge asset equipped with AI and big data to enhance the capabilities of Realtors in serving our community more effectively. We are dedicated to assisting people in obtaining critical data for the important decisions they make. In Grayly, every agent, whether new or experienced, holds a Grayly Certificate and undergoes special training to elevate their ability to serve people to the next level. We are committed to transforming the real estate experience into a superior version, and we believe we owe this duty to our community.

The Dream Brokerage

Grayly Realty Inc.

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