Parkcrest Burnaby: A Community Guide

Nestled in Burnaby's northeast corner, Parkcrest offers a peaceful residential atmosphere with convenient access to urban amenities. This family-friendly neighbourhood is known for its attractive tree-lined streets, excellent schools, and proximity to nature. Whether you're a young family, a professional seeking a comfortable commute, or someone looking for a quieter suburban lifestyle, Parkcrest has something to offer.

Parkcrest property values have shown a steady upward trend with a significant increase in May 2024.

Thriving Real Estate Market

Imagine sprawling estates nestled on expansive lots – twice the size you'd find in Vancouver – potentially attainable for under $2 million. This is the reality in Burnaby's prestigious neighbourhoods. These havens for luxury living boast expansive properties with lot sizes exceeding 10,000 square feet and generous living areas.  
Looking at the Parkcrest Burnaby home for sale, we see an exciting picture.  The median list price in May 2024 was $1,341,414, demonstrating a 7.73% increase month-over-month.  This upward trend highlights the growing demand for Parkcrest's luxury offerings. 
Furthermore, Parkcrest ranks as the 8th fastest-growing neighbourhood, boasting a 4.98% annual increase in value. While the market shows a slight uptick in median days on the market (54 days in May 2024 compared to 42 in April), Parkcrest-Aubrey remains an attractive option for those seeking exceptional value in luxury living.


This desirable area is bordered by Hastings Street to the north, Burnaby Mountain Park to the east, and major transportation routes nearby, making it perfect for those seeking an easily accessible and picturesque community. 
Residents of Parkcrest homes for sale enjoy close proximity to the vast wilderness of Burnaby Mountain Park. With its extensive hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and stunning viewpoints, the park provides endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Whether you're an avid hiker or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll surrounded by nature, Parkcrest offers the perfect blend of urban living and outdoor escape.

Effortless Commuting

Imagine stepping out of your door and having instant access to a world of possibilities. That's the reality when you buy a  Parkcrest Burnaby home for sale:

  • SkyTrain at Your Doorstep: SkyTrain stations like Metrotown and Brentwood are nearby, whisking you across Greater Vancouver for work or leisure. The award-winning SkyTrain system ensures efficient commutes and reduces traffic woes.
  • Centrally Located: Parkcrest sits in the heart of Burnaby, with easy access to other areas and just a 25-minute drive to downtown Vancouver. SkyTrain stations put Coquitlam, New Westminster, Richmond, and Surrey within reach.

Educational Opportunities

This family-friendly community offers not just a wonderful place to live, but a stellar environment to learn and grow. Parkcrest Burnaby homes for sale put you at the heart of a renowned educational system.

Exceptional K-12 Education

  • Burnaby School District: Renowned for its academic excellence, the Burnaby School District boasts 41 elementary schools and 8 secondary schools, offering a comprehensive curriculum from kindergarten to grade 12.
  • Choice and Flexibility: Parkcrest families can choose between English or French immersion programs, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Diverse Learning: Over 200 locally and provincially developed programs cater to a variety of learning styles and interests, fostering a stimulating and enriching environment for every student.

Beyond High School

Parkcrest Burnaby doesn't stop at high school graduation. The city is a hub for higher learning, with two prestigious institutions on your doorstep:

  • Simon Fraser University (SFU): A globally recognized university offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT): Renowned for its career-focused programs, BCIT attracts students seeking practical skills and industry experience.

The presence of these esteemed institutions fosters a vibrant intellectual atmosphere in Burnaby, opening doors to exciting educational and career opportunities for Parkcrest residents of all ages.

Diverse Economy, Exceptional Quality of Life

Burnaby offers more than just a beautiful place to live; it boasts a flourishing economy that fuels its residents' well-being.  Parkcrest Burnaby homes for sale position you at the heart of a dynamic city where opportunity thrives.

A Diversified Powerhouse

While information technology (IT) reigns supreme as Burnaby's economic engine, a diverse range of industries contributes to its success.  Commercial firms, industrial corporations, and even oil refineries play a significant role in the city's economic landscape. This diversification fosters stability and resilience within the Burnaby job market.

A Hub for Innovation

Burnaby is not just about established industries; it embraces cutting-edge sectors as well.  The city has become a magnet for film production studios, attracting creative talent and further solidifying Burnaby's position as a hub for innovation and progress.

Affordability Meets Opportunity

A significant advantage of living in Burnaby is the relatively lower cost of living compared to its neighbour, Vancouver. This affordability translates to a higher quality of life for residents. You can enjoy more without breaking the bank, allowing you to invest in experiences, hobbies, or even a larger living space.

Urban Convenience

Parkcrest Burnaby homes for sale put you at the center of a dynamic hub brimming with shopping, dining, and recreational activities.

A Shopper's Paradise

  • Retail Therapy: Burnaby boasts a thriving retail scene, with malls like Metropolis at Metrotown (the largest mall in BC and the second-largest in Canada) catering to every shopping desire.
  • Global Flavors: Burnaby's multicultural character shines through its diverse culinary scene. Explore a world of flavours at the many cafes and restaurants offering international cuisine.

Thriving Arts & Recreation

  • Cultural Gems: Art enthusiasts will love Parkcrest Burnaby's proximity to the Burnaby Art Gallery and the Burnaby Village Museum.
  • Sports & Entertainment: Catch a game at the Kensington Complex or explore the National Nikkei Cultural Centre. The Shadbolt Centre offers a vibrant hub for artistic expression and community events.

Invest in Luxury Living at an Attainable Price

Burnaby offers a vibrant community that caters to your desire for a luxurious lifestyle. Parkcrest Burnaby homes for sale present a remarkable opportunity to own a sprawling estate for a fraction of the cost you might expect. 
Start your journey today and let the Grayly team help you find your dream home in a place where affordability meets exceptional living standards.


What kind of community is Parkcrest Burnaby?

Parkcrest Burnaby is a well-established and vibrant community, perfect for families and professionals alike. It offers a mix of residential options, from spacious single-family homes and charming character properties to modern condos.

Is Parkcrest Burnaby a good place to raise a family?

Absolutely! Parkcrest boasts a strong sense of community, excellent schools, and plenty of green spaces for families to enjoy.

What type of housing options are available in Parkcrest Burnaby?

Parkcrest offers a diverse range of housing options to suit different lifestyles and budgets. You'll find everything from single-family homes and townhouses to condos and apartments.

How does the housing market in Parkcrest Burnaby compare to Vancouver?

Parkcrest Burnaby offers a significant advantage in terms of affordability. Unlike Vancouver, where standard-sized luxury lots come with a hefty price tag, Parkcrest lets you stretch your dollar further. Here, sprawling estates with expansive lots can be attainable for under $2 million, offering a lifestyle of luxury with wide-open spaces – all without breaking the bank.

What are the educational options for families living in Parkcrest, Burnaby?

Parkcrest falls under the Burnaby School District, renowned for its academic excellence. The district offers a comprehensive curriculum from kindergarten to grade 12, including English and French immersion programs, alongside over 200 specialized programs.

What are the shopping options like in Parkcrest Burnaby?

Burnaby is a shopper's paradise! From the largest mall in British Columbia, Metropolis at Metrotown, to unique boutiques and international grocers, you'll find everything you need and more.

2024/06/26 | 28 Days Ago