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Burnaby Homes for Sale and MLS® Listings

As one of the most populous cities in BC, the real estate market in Burnaby is rapidly developing especially in lively neighborhoods which attract younger generations, and even retirees who want to settle down in a beautiful and modern city. more

Frequently Asked Questions About Burnaby Real Estate (FAQ)

How many homes for sale are currently available in Burnaby, BC?

On Grayly, there are 1651 homes available in Burnaby, BC currently. Different types of properties are available in Burnaby, BC which you can find by browsing through a variety of properties on Grayly, from single-family homes for sale to apartments and condos for sale.

What is the starting price for a detached home in Burnaby?

According to current Burnaby MLS© data, the starting price for a detached home in Burnaby, BC now is around $1,530,000.

What is the starting price for a condo in Burnaby?

Based on current Burnaby MLS© statistics, the starting price for a condo in Burnaby, BC now is around $380,000.

Burnaby, British Columbia Guide 


Burnaby homes for sale


Located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Burnaby is the third-largest city in this province with a population of 223,000 people. To the west, the city is bordered by Vancouver, to the east by Port Moody and the beautiful city of Coquitlam, to the southeast by New Westminster and Surrey, and to the southwest by Richmond. 

As one of many municipalities of Metro Vancouver, Burnaby is known to have a diverse population from all around the world. This city is home to many communities from East Asia, South Asia, South Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.  Additionally, Burnaby has four sister cities in Asia: Zhongshan, Guangdong, China; Kushiro, Japan; and Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, Korea.

As one of the most populous cities in BC, the real estate market in Burnaby is rapidly developing especially in lively neighborhoods which attract younger generations, and even retirees who want to settle down in a beautiful and modern city.

History of Burnaby 

Like other parts of British Columbia, Burnaby was originally inhabited by indigenous people of the Central Coast Salish Nations. For those interested in the history of First Nation people of this region, landmarks like Burnaby Mountain, Deer Lake, and Brunette River feature important parts of Indigenous history.

The first large groups of Europeans who came to this region were gold miners who responded to the first gold rush in British Columbia in the 1850s. The settlement started to grow as settlers were allowed to acquire land via a process named pre-emption, in which they could claim a piece of land after clearing it and building their properties. The City is named after Burnaby Lake, which is also named after an explorer and legislator, Robert Burnaby. 


Burnaby is stretched over 38.07 square miles of land (98.6 square kilometers). This city is located in the center of the Metro Vancouver area which accounts for its prominent place among other municipalities. 

On top of that, this city is home to various firms including industrial and commercial ones such as BC’s largest shopping mall, Metropolis at Metrotown, which is located in downtown Burnaby. That being said, Burnaby's ratio of parkland to residents is still among the highest in Canada. 

In Burnaby, you can enjoy various naturistic views in one of many parklands and waterways such as Central Park, Kensington Park, Burnaby Mountain, Robert Burnaby Park, Still Creek, Deer Lake, Squint Lake, the Brunette River, and Burnaby Lake.


Living in Burnaby, you`ll enjoy mild summers, warm winters, and regular rain during the year. Surrounded by Burnaby Mountain and other elevations, the area has more recorded snowfall compared to other cities in Metro Vancouver. Although here you may have too many rainy days, summers will make up for it with long and warm sunny days. Like most parts of the Lower Mainland, the average temperature during the summer is around 20°C to 30°C.

Entertainment in Burnaby

Whether you`re a tourist staying for a couple of days, or you`re living in the city, Burnaby won`t let you get bored. If you enjoy outdoor activities, here you can rent kayaks, canoes, rowboats, and pedal boats and watch the beautiful wildlife around the lake. Moreover, you can get your food ingredients fresh from The Burnaby Farmer’s Market which begins in May and continues till the end of October in the parking lot of Burnaby’s City Hall. 

Additionally, families can enjoy golf courses and world-class shopping centers in the city including the second-largest shopping mall in Canada, Metropolis at Metrotown, with over 450 shops, a Cineplex, and a wide selection of cafes and restaurants.

The transportation system

BC Transit offers public transportation throughout the entire Lower Mainland. Being close to Vancouver, Burnaby is home to many people who commute daily to this city for work and school. 

Built in the 1980s, SkyTrain is responsible for the majority of transportation services in Metro Vancouver, meaning it connects Vancouver to different suburban areas including New Westminster, Coquitlam, Surrey, and Richmond. Moreover, Vancouver International Airport provides affordable flights to nearby American cities and other overseas destinations.


Located in the North part of Burnaby, there is a stunning neighborhood called “The Heights”. This place is along Hastings Street which is home to many small shops, cafes, and restaurants. Here you can find various charming family homes for sale in Burnaby, with many green spaces nearby for an evening stroll.

Close to Central Park, you can find many single-family properties that take advantage of the convenient location near the shopping and transit center of the city. On top of that, if you`re an art lover, you`ll enjoy cultural attractions including the Burnaby Village Museum, the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, and the Gallery at Ceperly House.

Real Estate Market in Burnaby

It's old news that Metro Vancouver is not a cheap place to live, and unless you have a good income, you`ll be facing problems saving up. Being a part of Metro Vancouver, Burnaby is no exception. Still, things just might be a little bit better here.

If you`re thinking about moving to one of the beautiful cities of British Columbia, Burnaby can be a great choice. Although it's not the cheapest place in this province for buying properties, with the rapid growth in the housing market, you can be sure you have made a good investment. 

Overall, this city consists of four town centers, including Metrotown, Edmonds, Lougheed, and Brentwood, and thirteen villages. Here you can find plenty of homes for sale Burnaby in family-friendly areas like West Newton and North Burnaby. As an ideal region for young professionals and couples, there is a great selection of condos, single-family houses, townhomes, and apartments to choose from.

Burnaby is also a great option for retirees who look for a beautiful and relaxing city. There are various luxury homes located along the transit lines so you can access different parts of the city without having to sit in traffic.

The average price of a single-family home for sale in Barnaby is around 970,700 dollars. However, there are townhomes with almost half the and around $500,000. You can also find condos in a range of $350,000.


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