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Squamish Homes for Sale and MLS® Listings

Located in the province of British Colombia in Canada, Squamish is a municipality at the end of Howe Sound on the Sea to Sky Highway. When it comes to homes for sale in Squamish, BC, you have a much bigger selection to choose from. More

Frequently Asked Questions About Squamish Real Estate (FAQ)

How many homes for sale are currently available in Squamish, BC?

On Grayly, there are 250 homes available in Squamish, BC currently. Different types of properties are available in Squamish, BC which you can find by browsing through a variety of properties on Grayly, from single-family homes for sale to apartments and condos for sale.

What is the starting price for a detached home in Squamish?

According to current Squamish MLS© data, the starting price for a detached home in Squamish, BC now is around $270,000.

What is the starting price for a condo in Squamish?

Based on current Squamish MLS© statistics, the starting price for a condo in Squamish, BC now is around $250,000.

Squamish, British Columbia Guide

homes for sale Squamish

Located in the province of British Colombia in Canada, Squamish is a municipality at the end of Howe Sound on the Sea to Sky Highway. According to the 2021 census, this district has about 23,000 residents including the indigenous people of the Squamish nation, who have been living in the region for over a thousand years.

History of Squamish 

The history of this town as we know it today goes back to the early 20th century and the construction of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. Back then Squamish was the first southern terminus of the railway, which paved the way for urban`s development.

At the time, the main industry in this area was forestry under the largest employer in this area, pulp mill. However, the pulp mill, operated by Western Forest Products shut down its operations in 2006. 

During the past few years, Squamish has become very popular among people who look for a cheaper and calmer place near Vancouver. The town is only an hour drive away from this large city and with great homes for sale, it is a great option for people who can`t afford to buy properties in Vancouver.


As one of the municipalities in British Columbia, this town is known for its oceanic climate, which means hot summers and cold wet winters. With more than 2,200 millimeters of rainfall during the year, Squamish is one of the wettest districts in Canada. 


One of the main pillars of this town`s economy is tourism. If you`re an outdoor person and you love sports like mountain biking, hiking, and climbing, Squamish is a great place for you.

Stawamus Chief, located very close to the town, is one of the rock climbers' favorite spots. There are also over 300 climbing routes on the Chief proper where you can hike on the weekends with friends and family and enjoy views of Howe Sound and the surrounding Coast Mountains.

If you're more into summer sports, Squamish has something for you too. With the predictable wind on hot summer days, the town is one of the best locations in Canada for Kiteboarding and windsurfing.

Additionally, there are many other beautiful outdoor attractions you can enjoy, Shannon Falls waterfall, bald eagle viewing in the Brackendale, and river-rafting on the Elaho and Squamish rivers to name a few.


The municipality has five English-language public elementary schools, and two public secondary schools including Howe Sound Secondary School and Don Ross Middle School. For post-secondary education, Capilano University provides diploma programs and university courses. The first secular, non-profit, and private university in Canada is also located in Squamish with an enrollment of 5000 students. 

Society and Culture

With a large ethnicity variety. Squamish is welcoming toward all faiths. The town has about eleven churches and religious organizations which include Christian denominations, the Baháʼí Faith, and a Sikh temple. 

Located on second avenue downtown, Squamish`s public library has a great collection of books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines. You can also find an Art for Loan collection. An online historical archive of photographs, periodicals, and more. If you`re interested in the town`s history you can check the nearby museums Britannia Mine Museum and the West Coast Railway Association. 

Each year, Squamish proudly hosts a popular festival known as Squamish Valley Music Festival which usually takes place in August and hosts great artists from all around North America including Eminem, Bruno Mars, Macklemore, and Arcade Fire. 

The Cost of Living

The average monthly income in Squamish is around $2,156, and the living cost is somewhere near $2,120 a month, which is quite affordable compared to large cities like Vancouver. However, the cost of things like groceries is almost the same as in Vancouver.

Squamish`s Public transportation is also free during the summer for students of school age. There are daily bus services to Vancouver and YVR Vancouver Airport provided by YVR Skylynx for those commuting regularly.

Best Neighborhoods

Squamish is a beautiful city with many old aesthetic neighborhoods, and no matter what kind of home for sale you want, it has something to satisfy all your needs and wishes. Downtown Squamish is a great option for retirement homes. You have access to all the important places without having to drive. Grocery stores, pharmacies, cafes, and restaurants are all a walk away from your house downtown.

However, if you`re in this town for the love of nature, skiing and snowboarding, Brackendale is your absolute go-to. The area is only 30 minutes away from Whistler and a short drive to Vancouver for those who have to commute regularly.

Real Estate Market

With the high costs of property and rentals in Vancouver, many people prefer to live in a close district where they can find affordable homes for sale. Generally speaking, the real estate in Squamish is cheaper than in Vancouver. This has resulted in a 0% vacancy rental rate.

While the town has promised to build more purpose-built rentals to solve this problem at the moment, the high demand has caused rentals to increase significantly, to a rate even higher than some neighborhoods in Vancouver. However, this has made the district a great place for investors to start their projects.

When it comes to homes for sale in Squamish, BC, you have a much bigger selection to choose from. You can find your future home among multiple property types, including single-family homes townhouses, condos, and even commercial real estate in Squamish.