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Vancouver Homes for Sale and MLS® Listings

One of the largest cities in western Canada, Vancouver is located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. If you’re thinking about moving to Vancouver, or you`ve been living there but just decided to buy properties, you're probably wondering about the real estate and the homes for sale in Vancouver. More

Frequently Asked Questions About Vancouver Real Estate (FAQ)

How many homes for sale are currently available in Vancouver, BC?

On Grayly, there are 4436 homes available in Vancouver, BC currently. Different types of properties are available in Vancouver, BC which you can find by browsing through a variety of properties on Grayly, from single-family homes for sale to apartments and condos for sale.

What is the starting price for a detached home in Vancouver?

According to current Vancouver MLS© data, the starting price for a detached home in Vancouver, BC now is around $400,000.

What is the starting price for a condo in Vancouver?

Based on current Vancouver MLS© statistics, the starting price for a condo in Vancouver, BC now is around $60,000.

Vancouver, British Columbia Guide

One of the largest cities in western Canada, Vancouver is located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. According to the census 2021, Vancouver has above 600,000 citizens living in the city, making it one of the most populous cities in Canada.

Homes for sale Vancouver

The city is famous for having one of the most diverse populations in the country. Statics show that about 44 percent of residents ‘mother tongue is other than English. Being close to the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by mountains, this city has hospitable weather all year long, with short summers and wet winters.


The city of Vancouver is located on the western region of a peninsula, a large extension of the Fraser River Delta. The river extends into a portion of the Pacific Ocean and separates Vancouver Island from the Georgia Strait. Metro Vancouver includes several self-governing urban regions called municipalities. Located in the north part of the city are West Vancouver and North Vancouver, which are collectively referred to as the "North Shore".


When talking about culture, Vancouver is one of the proudest cities in Canada. Dozens of unique enclaves invite tourists and locals to walk around colorful sidewalks, enjoy the impressive settings, and fall for the extensive variety of modern urban life with its roots in many distinctive ethnic cultures and lifestyles.

Additionally, the icing on the cake is that most of these astonishing neighborhoods in Vancouver are close to each other, which provides a great opportunity to enjoy different sides during one visit. But if you`ve decided to visit all the amazing sides of this city, we should warn you that it will take you weeks, if not months.

now while walking on the sidewalks of this city you might wonder about the story behind it, well that`s when things get interesting, Vancouver is fairly young and it was built only a few years after photography became available for the majority of people. Thanks to that, now we have a complete visual documented history of Vancouver and its evolution.


Vancouver has a world-class public transformation too. The network is built carefully so you can live in this large city not ever worrying about buying a car. You can use the city buses, speedy transit trains known as SkyTrain, commuting rails or West Coast Express, and the SeaBus which connects North Vancouver to Central Vancouver.

Living in Vancouver might be expensive but you have the advantage of having great grocery stores with a short fun walk from wherever you live. More ever, there are cafes, restaurants, cloth stores, schools, and daycares close to most of the residential areas. Parents can choose among great public and private schools at both elementary and secondary levels.


With over 110,000 students in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions, the Vancouver School Board is the second-biggest school district in British Colombia.

The Greater Vancouver area has 5 public universities, the most important one being The University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU), with over 90,000 undergraduates, graduates, and professional college students in 2008. The University of British Columbia is one of the top 50 prestigious universities in the world and is one of the top 20 best universities in Canada. Simon Fraser University also ranks as the top comprehensive university in the province and Canada in addition to being among the 300 best universities in the world.

Real Estate Market

For more than a decade, Vancouver has been one of the most livable cities in Canada and the world. However, statics show that this city is one of the most expensive cities as well, and this is true for both living costs and the real estate market.

In 2019 Vancouver had the fourth-most pricey real estate market not only inside Canada but also in the world. Real estate costs in Vancouver are highly influenced by the foreigner and immigrants that invest in this city. Statics have proven that the majority of those who visit Vancouver and finally invest in it, come from wealthy countries, however, this city attracts investors from all around the globe too.

If you’re thinking about moving to Vancouver, or you`ve been living there but just decided to buy properties, you're probably wondering about the real estate and the homes for sale in Vancouver.

Because of the set-up of Central Vancouver, the region has many apartments and homes for sale in Vancouver both affordable and expensive. This provides many options when it comes to affordability and variety. You can find condominiums, basements, lofts, and townhouses inside Central Vancouver as well.

On the other side of the city, East Vancouver can satisfy everybody with every sort of interest. There, you can find a combination of modern and old houses. The area is also known for attracting the younger generation due to its high diversity and culture.

As far as renting houses in Vancouver, two-bedroom condos or even single-bedroom condos are hardly reasonably priced. This is mainly the case if you want to find a place in West Vancouver or North Vancouver. Rent costs can skyrocket downtown so you need to be careful while choosing the next place to live.

Based on the latest data, Vancouver's average sale price in the real estate market is $999,000, a 9.4% increase compared to last year. Vancouver`s housing market has always been the headline of the real estate news considering all the ups and downs in its prices.

However, with all the affordability and price problems, the city still has a strong real estate market. Buyers and investors often complain about the short window they have for homes for sale in Vancouver. On average, houses stay on this market for less than 15 days.

Vancouver offers quite a few housing options for investors and homebuyers regarding location, community, affordability and so much more. Whether you`re looking for a good rental close to public schools, or you just want to move to a bigger house, Vancouver has something for everyone.