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Abbotsford Homes for Sale and MLS® Listings under $2.0M

Explore a variety of Homes for sale in Abbotsford, BC. Find the latest and most reliable and under $2.0M property information available for homes in the Abbotsford.

Frequently Asked Questions About Abbotsford Real Estate (FAQ)

How many homes for sale are currently available in Abbotsford, BC?

On Grayly, there are 1060 homes available in Abbotsford, BC currently. Different types of properties are available in Abbotsford, BC which you can find by browsing through a variety of properties on Grayly, from single-family homes for sale to apartments and condos for sale.

What is the starting price for a detached home in Abbotsford?

According to current Abbotsford MLS© data, the starting price for a detached home in Abbotsford, BC now is around $240,000.

What is the starting price for a condo in Abbotsford?

Based on current Abbotsford MLS© statistics, the starting price for a condo in Abbotsford, BC now is around $230,000.

Abbotsford, British Columbia Guide


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Located on the border between Canada and United States, in the Fraser Valley area of British Columbia, Abbotsford is the largest municipality outside of metropolitan Vancouver. According to Statics Canada 2021, Abbotsford has 153,524 residents living in about 53,000 of its 55,000 total private properties.

This municipality is known for hosting the third largest group of minorities in the Vancouver area after the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Vancouver CMA, with over 21.7 percent South Asian and 6.2 percent indigenous citizens. Census 2021 announced that this city is the largest municipality of the Fraser Valley District and the fifth-largest municipality of the province of British Columbia.

History of Abbotsford 

The first people who lived in the region near the Fraser Valley were the indigenous people of the Stó:lō Nation. The first Europeans who came to this area were a part of the ambitious people responding to the gold rush in the middle of the 19th century.

Later a transportation line in Fraser Valley named Yale Road was built which led to the development of this settlement until a former Royal Engineer known as John Cunningham Maclure obtained 160 acres of land with a grant from the Royal Family and built Abbotsford. Located on the Southern part of Fraser Way, the oldest Sikh temple in North America is the Gur Sikh Temple which was built at the beginning of the 20th century.


With over 375.55 square kilometers of land, Abbotsford is the largest city in the province by area. From the south, the municipality is bordered by Canada–United States border, on the west and Canadian side, it is near the Township of Langley, in the east to the City of Chilliwack, and the District of Mission to the north.

Living in Abbotsford you have the views of amazing Mount Baker from the southeast in Washington and the Coast Mountains. Like many other regions in British Colombia, this city also has an oceanic climate, meaning hot summers and mildly cold winters with a high percentage of rain and snow, especially in December and January.

Living Costs in Abbotsford

Like many other municipalities in this region, living in Abbotsford is much cheaper compared to Greater Vancouver. Statics show that homes for sale in Abbotsford are almost half of the price of those in Vancouver. 

According to a campaign known as the Living Wage for Families, the required hourly base wage for a family of four in this city is about $17.40/hour, while the calculated living wage in Vancouver is around $20.91/hour.

Best Neighbourhood in Abbotsford

This city has great friendly neighborhoods suited for those looking for a selection of affordable homes for sale in Abbotsford and employment opportunities. Located in the central part of the city, Scenic Mill Lake is filled with parks and playgrounds for young families with children. When it comes to property options, the neighborhood has many newly made condos, townhouses, and older single-family homes. The Seven Oaks Mall and Abbotsford Regional Hospital are within a walking distance from homes.

Maintaining its heritage and nostalgic beauty, Historic Downtown Abbotsford has been once again thriving with farmer's markets, festivals, and local shops including bakeries, cafes, restaurants and so much more. Another up-and-coming area in this city is West Abbotsford, which is home to many luxury homes and apartments. This place is a great area for large families and those investing in the real estate market.


One of the fastest-growing commercial airports in British Colombia is Abbotsford International Airport (YXX) which has regular daily services provided by WestJet. Daily transportation for citizens is provided by The Central Fraser Valley Transit System which offers bus service with an average monthly cost of $52. For those who commute regularly to Vancouver, the West Coast Express station is near Mission.


If you`re a sports fan and you love to watch hockey games, Abbotsford’s Entertainment and Sports Centre, which opened in 2009 with 7,000 seats is your absolute go-to. Now if you`re not that much into sports and like to enjoy your free time with art and culture, The Reach gallery and museum is a great choice. This place hosts many programs, events, and international exhibitions annually.

If you`re a nature enthusiast and you love an early morning hike, you`ll love the Sumas Mountain route. There are also many beautiful walking, jogging, and biking trails near the Sumas River and Arnold Dyke where you can enjoy a fun workout while falling for the scenery.

And finally, one of the most fun festivals in this city is the yearly Abbotsford International Air Show which takes place on the second weekend of August with more than 125,000 people attending just to watch pyrotechnics, Canadian Forces Snowbirds and Skyhawks, and aviation daredevils perform.

Real Estate Market 

If you`re thinking about buying properties in a place close to Vancouver, populated with newly developed properties, Abbotsford real estate market is a great option for everyone with all budgets.

Although compared to the Great Vancouver Area, homes for sale in Abbotsford are much more affordable, still many find single-family homes too expensive. The average cost of a single-family home is around $795,000. However, there are more affordable choices when it comes to townhomes, apartments and condos. Townhomes for sale in Abbotsford are about $450,000, and apartment/condos are $301,000. 

Many rental options also exist in this city for those looking for a good place to rent. The average monthly payment for a one-bedroom apartment in Abbotsford is between $900 and $1,100. You can also find two-bedroom rentals to split the cost which is about $1,400 for a month.

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