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Coquitlam Homes for Sale and MLS® Listings under $3.0M

Explore a variety of Homes for sale in Coquitlam, BC. Find the latest and most reliable and under $3.0M property information available for homes in the Coquitlam.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coquitlam Real Estate (FAQ)

How many homes for sale are currently available in Coquitlam, BC?

On Grayly, there are 1023 homes available in Coquitlam, BC currently. Different types of properties are available in Coquitlam, BC which you can find by browsing through a variety of properties on Grayly, from single-family homes for sale to apartments and condos for sale.

What is the starting price for a detached home in Coquitlam?

According to current Coquitlam MLS© data, the starting price for a detached home in Coquitlam, BC now is around $190,000.

What is the starting price for a condo in Coquitlam?

Based on current Coquitlam MLS© statistics, the starting price for a condo in Coquitlam, BC now is around $400,000.

Coquitlam, British Columbia Guide

homes for sale Coquitlam

Located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Coquitlam is the sixth largest city in this province. As one of the municipalities of Metro Vancouver, the city has over 148,000 residents. The majority of people in Coquitlam have European descent. However, the city is one of the most highly diverse places in Canada with over 44 percent immigrants and 2.8% indigenous Canadians.


Located about 15 km east of Vancouver, the city is placed where the Coquitlam River meets with the Fraser River, extending northeast alongside the Pitt River and towards the Coquitlam and Pitt lakes. The city's northern boundary is shaped by Burke Mountain, Eagle Ridge, and 1,583 m tall Coquitlam Mountain. To the west, the Coquitlam borders Burnaby and Port Moody, Port Coquitlam to the southeast, and New Westminster to the southwest.

 With 152.5 square kilometers of land, Coquitlam is the largest part of the three regions known as the Tri-Cities (with Port Moody and Port Coquitlam).


As a part of Metro Vancouver, Coquitlam has a very mild climate throughout the year. Coquitlam is placed in one of the hottest regions in Canada, where the average temperature during the years is about 10.2 °C. The summers are mainly warm and dry (with an average high of 22.7 °C) and winters are mild and wet (with an average low of 13.4 °C).

When it comes to precipitation, due to the closeness to the mountains, the humidity can get high compared to other areas of British Colombia. 


Coquitlam was originally found in 1808 by an explorer named Simon Fraser. Later on, in 1860 other Europeans started migrating to this region and settling in this area where back then was known as a "place-in-between" for the construction of North Road.

In 1889 Fraser Mills, a $350,000 lumber mill was constructed in the area by Frank Ross and James McLaren Which eventually boosted up this municipality. By the beginning of the 20th century, there were 20 houses, a post office, a hospital, an office block, a store, and a barber shop around Fraser Mills.


The city has three main neighborhoods, each with its special community and culture: Southwest Coquitlam, Northwest Coquitlam, Northeast Coquitlam, and City Center.

North Coquitlam or commonly known, as the city center is the neighborhood for everybody who loves to be close to the crowd and downtown. This region is seen as the community hub of Coquitlam since it`s only a walk away from the shopping centers, the library, the Sky train, coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, and so much more. North Coquitlam is also a great option if you want to be close to nature, Lafarge Lake and Town Centre Park are only a few miles away, providing a running track, a soccer field, and a beautiful man-made lake that you can walk around, and enjoy with your friends.

Southwest Coquitlam used to be the original center of the city and it includes the neighborhoods of Austin Heights, Waterfront Village Centre, Burquitlam, Lougheed, and Maillardville. These old neighborhoods are often made up of old large houses which are now torn down and replaced with new houses. The area is filled with beautiful parks for nature lovers. Austin Heights includes Como Lake and headwaters for the Como watershed. The Como watershed is one of the remaining watersheds in the Tri-Cities. This area also has Mundy Park, one of the biggest city parks in Metro Vancouver.


When talking about public transportation in Coquitlam, this city is not probably the greatest one in the Greater Vancouver area. However, if you enjoy driving, having a car is an excellent transportation choice. Parking spots are usually easy to find and there is no heavy traffic. Still, there are many fast transit stations on the West Coast Express Line and Millenium Line. The city has over 30 bus lines, and most houses are very close to a bus stop. Due to the steep landform of Coquitlam, biking isn't a very ideal form of transportation, unless you`re thinking about a high-intensity workout. Additionally, Coquitlam isn`t suited for those who prefer walking, considering only a few daily needs can be done in this manner.


The education system in Coquitlam is covered by School District No.43 Coquitlam. It is comprised of four public secondary schools, seven middle schools, and 45 elementary schools. For higher education, there are Concordia International College and Coquitlam College in Coquitlam itself and schools in surrounding municipalities, like the University of British Colombia, Simon Fraser University, and British Colombia Institute of Technology.

Real Estate Market

When it comes to the homes for sale in Coquitlam, the city provides a good selection of different types of houses. According to the statics 2022, there are 1,193 properties for sale in this city, with an average price of $1,225,951.

If you’re thinking about buying properties in this area and you wonder about the homes for sale in Coquitlam, you can be sure that the city has something to satisfy all your wishes. With a “Housing Affordability Strategy” the real estate market works with other sectors to ensure everyone can buy their ideal house at an affordable price.

In Southwest Coquitlam, you can find single or multi-family houses and apartments. More ever, there are townhouses and condos for the younger generation looking for cheaper places.

The Northwest of the city is also abundant with single-family homes for sale in Coquitlam. These single-family houses are located on stunning lots that bring you the experience of being surrounded by nature. High-class areas like Westwood Plateau have minimum rentals and most houses are for sale. However, the prices are usually affordable as well.

In Northeast Coquitlam, you have the choice of living in the municipality or a rural setting. In this area, most of the homes for sale in Coquitlam include single-family houses. Regardless, the city has plans for further development soon. The houses in these neighborhoods are often newer due to the developing population of this region which enhances the need for improvement.

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