Two Harbour Green - 1139 W Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC

Two Harbour Green - 1139 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC

Two Harbour Green, the High-Rise Lifestyle You Always Dreamed of

Vancouver, BC is home to many tall and iconic buildings. From Living Shangri-La to Vancouver House and Hotel Georgia, here you can find multiple high-rise buildings that offer the luxury lifestyle you always dreamed of. 
Located at 1139 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6C 0A2, Canada, Two Harbour Green is a relatively new high-rise that offers buyers a comfortable and exciting future. Join us as we take you on a tour to visit this beautiful building and its surroundings.

Two Harbor Green, Everything You Need to Know

Two Harbour Green is in fact a part of Harbour Green Place which consists of 3 towers on an eye-catching landscaped eight-acre parcel on the harbourside promenade. Two Harbour Green, the one we talk about here, is the tower located in the middle immediately to the east of One Harbour Green. 
The very well-known company, Aspac Development Ltd built this tower in 2008, with James K.M. Cheng as its main architect. The building consists of 30-stoyes concrete construction with a fascinating glass exterior.  
Aspac Developments is a Vancouver-based company founded in 1993. They`re best known for their world-class buildings– especially the project of transforming Coal Harbour from an industrial site into one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Vancouver. 
Their first project was a joint partnership with Marathon Realty, in which they worked on the site of the old railway yards in Coal Harbour, which has caught the attention of the world. Coal Harbour is now the Lower Mainland’s best real estate market and a destination location for locals and tourists. 
Two Harbour Green, one of the major projects of this company, consists of 9 townhomes, 52 suites, 8 2-level suites, and most excitingly, two penthouses with entirely private multi-car garages located under the tower. The interior design also boasts the same opulence, featuring a Lutron lighting system, Vitroform bathroom fixtures, central air-conditioning, and central heat, kitchen cabinetry by Snaidero of Italy, and Miele appliances (which includes a built-in steam oven and espresso machine).  
The windows allow a magnificent view of shining Vancouver and the North Shore mountains, offered by roof-to-floor design. This building also provides one-of-a-kind amenities such as:

  • 25-meter indoor pool
  • gym
  • steam room
  • sauna
  • virtual putting green
  • concierge and security
  • room for entertaining
  • guest suite
  • storage
  • hot tub
  • billiard room

For all animal lovers who are worried about animal restrictions in this complex, we got great news. Pets are allowed in the condos, whether it`s a dog or a cat. However, there`s a restriction regarding the number of pets, meaning you`re only allowed to have up to two pets in the building.

A luxury high-rise in not only a house. Of course, when buying a new home, your first priority is the happiness and comfort of your loved ones. But when buying a house in the Vancouver real estate market, you're also making a great investment.  
This is especially true when you`re buying one of the beautiful condos in Two Harbour Green. This ultra-modern high-rise is in Vancouver West, near the crossroads of West Cordova Street and Thurlow Street.  
Two Harbour Green is within walking distance of moonpennies Coffee, and the charming Cafe Artigiano. So after a busy day of work, you know you can leave the hustle and bustle of your office and enjoy sipping on your coffee in one of these relaxing cafes. 
Moreover, the Vancouver College of Art and Design is also very close by, so the condos can be a convenient place for students who wish to have a closer place to their college.  
But if you thought that was all, well, you got a lot more to hear about. Living in this luxury building you have access to multiple fitness studios including Mixx Fitness Studio, the Fitness World, and Fitness Centres Express. Starbucks Coffee is also nearby so you can enjoy a nice ice coffee after your hard workout session. 
Another great benefit of living in this complex is its easy access to the city`s transportation system. The bus stops near Two Harbour Green, Burrard Skytrain Station and Waterfront Skytrain Station are only 2 minute’s walk away. So rest easy knowing you won't ever be late to work again. 
Two Harbour Green is also a safe and calm place to raise children. So if you`re thinking about expanding your family, or you`re looking for a better place for your family members, make sure to check out this tower.

Additionally, there are multiple public and independent schools nearby, so you don`t have to worry about children`s education as well. Public schools here include Lord Roberts Annex, King George Secondary School, and Lord Roberts Elementary School.

Two Harbour Green View - 1139 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC

Is Two Harbour Green the Right Choice for You?

Buying a house, especially as a first-time home buyer, can be a very challenging decision. There are too many things to consider, and there always remains the question of whether I am choosing the right place or not.

If you`re also having doubts about moving into the luxury tower of Two Harbour Green, we`re here to show you why this will be one of the best decisions in your life. 

Life in Two Harbour Green offers the best of luxury, convenience, and a great financial investment all in one package. High-rises, including this one, offer an exciting lifestyle, with luxury and modern amenities that are not available in most single-family homes. At the same time, living in a high-rise condo you don`t need to worry about most typical maintenance and chores that are tedious and expensive parts of any standard home. 

And of course, let`s not forget about that one thing that attracts most people to these buildings, the breathtaking view. That said, spectacular views generally come at a higher price compared to the rest of the homes. But that sprawling view of the city and north mountain is something that is obviously well worth it.

As a homeowner, you`ll have to deal with many problems that come with buying a house. Through this physical and financial upkeep, owning a big home can become a headache that can be easily avoided with a luxury high-rise.

No more worrying about replacing your roof, or changing the broken shingles. When you live in a complex like Two Harbour Green, these concerns are no longer present. In most cases, house maintenance on major components is done by the property management company responsible for operating the building.

Another great benefit of living in a luxury building is that its access to modern amenities offers you a chance to make friends by attending gatherings, joining clubs, and meeting your neighbours. High-rise living is often associated with a diverse social calendar that gives you many opportunities to meet new people. Most high-rise buildings also offer multiple clubs like mah-jongg, poker, and other card games.

Bottom Line

Developed by ASPAC, Two Harbour Green is Coal Harbour's premium high-rise residence. Walking into the lobby you`ll be welcomed by exclusivity and sophistication. Additionally, each of the elegant and contemporary houses is designed with great attention to detail and finished with the finest materials. 

So if you`re looking for a place to experience happiness and comfort, there's no better place than this complex. Check out Grayly, and learn more about high-rises in Vancouver, and BC. If you have any questions regarding Two Harbour Green, or you want to buy a condo there, we`re more than happy to help you.

2023/02/02 | 1 y Ago